ASLF National Photo Contest and Exhibition on “Environmental and Climate Literacy for Sustainable Agriculture”

National Photo Contest


Program Overview:

Awareness is the first step towards conservation. A person aware enough about the changes in environment and climate can identify his/her roles best thereby acting rationally and responsibly for the protection of environment and promotion of environment friendly technologies. Emphasizing the importance of education in inspiring people to take action in defense of environmental protection, a campaign has been set for the earth day 2017 as -“ Environmental and Climate literacy.” Relating the theme of World Earth Day with Agriculture, we (ASLF) in collaboration with Tunza Eco Generation, Democratic Agriculturists’ Association Nepal ( DAAN ) and Leo Club of Patihani Chitwan are going to organize an event to support this campaign.

Program Description:

On the occasion of Earth day 22nd April, with the title of “Environmental and Climate Literacy for Sustainable Agriculture”, we aim to engage Nepalese youths to capture photos from different locations that can make tremendous impact about environment and climate literacy for sustainable agriculture.

We believe that our National Photo Contest and Exhibition will turn out to be a huge milestone in making positive impacts on young and enthusiastic minds about environment conservation and sustainable agriculture production so as to minimize the effects of climate change.

This photo contest is open to any amateur photographer from Nepal and special prize will be awarded to the best photo on 22nd April.  Photographs registered for this contest will be posted in our blog , social sites of ASLF and displayed in the photo exhibition going to be held on 22nd April in Agriculture and Forestry University – Chitwan, Nepal.

How to Participate??

Photographers should send their Photos via Electronic mail including title and brief description to our E-mail address –

We would like to call for photographs from all photography aspirants from different parts of the country to participate in this contest and support the campaign of the Earth Day-2017.

Judgment Criteria:

  • 80% score by the Jury panel
  • 20% score based on Likes and discussions made on the photo posted on our blog site: and social sites

Terms and Conditions:

  • Photos must be related to our theme “Environmental and Climate Literacy for Sustainable Agriculture.”
  • Photos will be posted in our blog site  and discussions will be opened for it.
  • Photographers should not submit more than two photographs related to our theme.
  • Brief description of their photographs should be sent along with the photos.
  • Photographer should include their detail personal information (name, address, contact details, phone number and mail address).
  • Mobile and tablet photography is also allowed
  • Deadline for the submission is 19th April 2017
  • Significant digital manipulation of photos is not allowed. Normal cropping, color corrections etc. will be considered.
  • Photos registered in this contest will appear on National Photo Exhibition on 22nd April in Agriculture and Forestry University as well as on different websites including ASLF’s.

Express your ideas and creativity through your lens and spread awareness among the people.


  • Tunza Eco Generation
  • Democratic Agriculturists’ Association Nepal ( DAAN )
  • Leo club of Patihani Chitwan

Media Partners

  • Smart Krishi
  • YubaKrishi
  • Synergy F.M. 91.6

Program Co-ordinator,

Sandesh Subedi


Nasib koirala 984-5467074

Sandesh Subedi  9849952887

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Agriculture Student Liaison Forum (ASLF) is a technical organization working in Agriculture and Forestry University,Rampur, Chitwan. ASLF works on different activities to develop technically proficient agriculture graduates with critical thinking and writing proficiency which would aid them discover opportunities in the relevant field, to invest in greater connectivity and develop technical capacity in order to support the innovative agriculture development. The activities conducted by ASLF are under the thematic areas of Information and Communication Technology, Scientific Paper writing, Social Media Reporting and Awareness, Recreation and Extra Curricular Activities.

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